Ice Bucket Challenge

We (Sara and Michael) officially received the ice bucket challenge, and that means YOU HAVE TOO!

In true Do Unto Others (DUO) style, rather than ask for donations, we really immersed ourselves in the cause and made a BIG splash in awareness of the need to wipe out a truly cruel disease; and we partied with our pals.

We rented a DUNKING BOOTH full of ice water and with video rolling, DUO  joined the fight and called out our friends to do the same. You did your own videos (and if full dunking is a bit much for you or your kids, we will have buckets on hand) and called out your coworkers, neighbors, friends, pastor, rabi, baseball team…anyone in your social media network.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Mike being “coached” on how to hit the target!


Our big guy lifting a hand.  😉


Si guy is going in!!!  WHOOP WHOOP!!!


Yes, that’s me!  You can see my scar on my left leg!!!  😉