LA. Flood – Donation Drive

The goal for each D.U.O. event is to help local communities near and dear to us, by physically doing things.  (And yes, LA is over 600 miles away from Atlanta,  it will ALWAYS be “local” to me)!  We don’t want your money; never have. We want you helping and working the job site or behind the scenes right next to us!   And boy, did y’all step in!!!  The response was/is overwhelming!!!

Within 12 hrs after the request was sent out, this was waiting at the door…


We sent out the list of donations needed and created an Amazon “Wish List” and within  the hour, we had donations coming in!  Donations were coming in from across the country!  The Bryan home, my mother’s home and a Youngsville distribution center, “Bead Busters”, were all acting as receiving facilities, or as we calling it, our  “Ground Zeros”.

Here are some of the pics of how things came together over the past week or so.  And, we even made the news!

Also, we will continue to accept donations!  As long as there is a need, we will continue to support LA!!!  I may be a Georgia Peach now, but I will forever be a Ragin Cajun!


And the rain came….  and decided to stay a while…  🙁

























Donations are starting to roll in!!!















LA love all the way from the ATL!!!


The donations being picked up by our own, Greg Boudreaux and his daughter!!!