Relay for Life

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Team D.U.O. Relay for Life. By keeping at least one member of our team walking from 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM, we helped raise awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society.  This was the city of Johns Creek’s first RFL event, and D.U.O. helped event organizers exceed their goals for numbers of participants and funds raised.  Due to chilly temperatures and tired legs, many teams packed it in early.  Members of other, less dedicated teams, joined our crew when theirs faded into the night.  We estimate that of the 40+ teams that began the event, only 5-8 teams joined Team D.U.O. in pressing on during the dreaded “zombie hours.”

Michael and I are truly blessed to have friendships with people who are willing to give of themselves so freely.  This event required tremendous sacrifice on your part; you took time out of your lives and away from your families to spend a very long and cold night with us. Not only that, but many of you generously donated to our comfort and our bellies (no other Team can boast the luxury of pizza, Midnight BBQ, Morning Donuts, and a heated RV for power naps).  And although D.U.O. does not accept funds, many of you donated to the American Cancer Society directly, which was gratefully passed along. We also congregated at Casa De Bryan for a champagne breakfast (with donated bubby) to reward ourselves and share a few laughs.  Because of you, we can honestly say that this event was a tremendous success!

You came through for us once again and did so in a remarkable and profound way. We are looking for more ways to make an impact on our community and hang with our friends throughout the upcoming year. If you have any organizations or events that you would like for Team D.U.O. to get involved in and support, please let us know!

Thank you again and we will see you at the next Team D.U.O. event!

Sara and Michael Bryan